Thursday, 21 January 2010


Victorian Crime Slang Part 1

Work House Stew: The end result after dropping ones guts whilst in the process of breaking a drum
Hatch Piper: A tea leaf who prefers the servants entrance 
Clapham Cunt: A beggar who works the carriages on Mary Blaines
Felch: The art of sucking a coin from a penny slot
Cobble Wobbler: A didikko who earns his keep through the laying of poor quality cobble drive ways
Caper: A sour tasting brined berry
Lobcock Cabbie: A carriage driver who works the midnight hours with the intention of 'buttering a bun'
Piracy: The copying of popular music hall scores onto inferior paper
Slopcocked: Where by a pinchcock recieves her monies but gives it toes before a tupping occurs
Horse Hoisting: The piloting of horses into shoppe windows then scarpering with the goods
Petticoat: Snide clobber the like sold at Petticoat Lane Market
Brixton Duffer: One who sells fox dirt under the guise of it being laudanum, also known as a Griffin Grifter
Houndsditch: A popular night time area for the stopping of carriages for a public display of joining of giblets  
Hounding: One who strokes his plug tail whilst watching others do the dabbing in cock alley
Merkim': The chiving of chavys who prefer the use of an uncourteous greetings

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