Friday, 14 May 2010


Worth it for DJ Fingers in his bedroom, absolutely loved this scene way back when.

Norm's Finest

"You'll have to shave my balls before i eat that taco!"
"Sometimes you have to go balls deep in the heiny before you get some home cooked pot pie"
"Cliff! How come i never eaten your ass?"
"Which pistol dick just wazzed on the John seat?"
"Just give me my fucking pork rinds."
"You stooopid iron legged peckerwood piss lipped oreo."
"Which two bit shitty post office cunt jus' cut the cheese near my rye bread?"
"Go feast on my greazzzzy balls Carla."
"Cheezus i done got me a shaolin monk stain on my pantyhose!"
"Fuck you Richie Cunningham, you jus made a date with my balls!"
"Yo Fanny ass! Wipe my log"
"Go stick a dime in your eye"
"Do the monster monk, do the Harry Monk!"
"Well raise my rent!"
"Excuse me miss i gotta go park the bike!"
"So i was balling this piece of ass and she turns around an sez 'Normie baby when you gonna part the curtains?'"


  NRP - leisure vol. 3 by no regular play

Saturday, 8 May 2010