Friday, 26 February 2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Nice Shoe

Tripitaka vs YMC 'Camel Toe': Finally a shoe that wrestles serious footwear back off the shitstabbers, As if the name is not self explanatory enough, the shoe consists of an interesting rendition of the, all of the sudden, popular desert boot. Some technical changes include the strap feature that runs across the mid of the boot and some fruity ass heel. These are also made entirely of routine billy goat leather and the internal lining is decorated with famous camel toe shots, the pair i got sent had Rusty Lee's plump cushion like cunt bumpers lazer etched inside for my own amusment. SAFE AS FUCK

Cooley High Dance

From the old blog but still a classic

Todays Track

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Catchprases for Spring

1. Pull my finger
3. Ask him he might let you
4. Is this your dog?
5. City are on fire!
6. Good coke! (delivered with squinty eyes and a nodding head)
7. Are they your dads shoes?
8. So where do you go to school?
9. Extra gravy!
10. WAMMY!(whilst miming riding a rodeo bull)

Bugle Watch

Have you got good bugle in your area, don't keep it to yourself, spread the word, just contact Bugle Watch with the word on the street. Doctor grade confidentiality guaranteed. Only fresh shit may apply.

Here's the news

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Film: Flyin' Cut Sleeves

Rita Fetcher and Henry 'Subway Art' Chalfants documentary on gang presidents, spanning four generations in the South Bronx

Available here

Top 5 Celeb House Covers

1. Jimmy Nail - Shout to the Top
2. Les Dennis & Dustin Gee - Phuture will Survive
3. Adrian Chiles - Where's your Child
4. Jamie Oliver - Mouth (Pepe's Mouth Spray Mix)
5. Dean Gaffney - Pump up London

Dean Gaffney would of won if it was just based on the video of Dean doing the running man dance in johdpurs with his eyes closed, pumping his arms like the dog off Crystal Tips & Alsitair...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

C88 Mix


Fairplay to the RBMA as the Daily Note has been a very good nightly read, even better has been seeing the little old ladies being given a copy and them putting it in there bags, although i might just be wrong and they really are interested in reading what Don Letts or Weatherall have to say.

Unexpected Remixers 1: DJ Pierre

Friday, 19 February 2010

C88 Heroes of House 14


"Stop shitting me off!!!" Was his catch phrase usually followed with a turn to the camera and, "Cheesus whats a guy got do to get a bone round here" *applause*. ALF was the quintessential ginger drug user, left stranded with the suburban middle class Tanner family after doing one to many dabs down the Sound Factory. Not being able to remember his way back to his yard in the Meat Packing District he spent every episode trying to push his plump ginger finger into the Tanners cat whilst they were out trying to score him primo grade drugs. A regular theme in the show was ALF getting sparked out by Willie Tanner for playing banji 'Homopansy' anthems loudly / being found comatose on the sofa wearing a gas mask with his mid-lob pickle hanging out / squeezing out massive ginger stinking ponies with the john door open. No problem as this was a family show they always made up at the end and ALF would be presented with a massive ziploc baggie of angel dust/chango/bug dust powder, to which he would retort that immortal line "Step outa them pannyhose Willie! its Coney Island hot dog time and i gots me a whole quart pot of mustard".  



Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jus Ed Cuts Trees

Jus Ed Diggs Deep

You also gotta love the fact that Jus Ed has included this link amongst FXHE and Downtown 304. Yo i gotta park my ride bitch ass.

Free Zine


      D'julz @ Culprit - TS2, LA - Feb 10   


Classic 3d Zulu Boys era /Wildbunch/Dugout snaps from Beezer, first released in Japan

Wildstyle 1983


Tuesday, 2 February 2010