Friday, 14 May 2010


Worth it for DJ Fingers in his bedroom, absolutely loved this scene way back when.

Norm's Finest

"You'll have to shave my balls before i eat that taco!"
"Sometimes you have to go balls deep in the heiny before you get some home cooked pot pie"
"Cliff! How come i never eaten your ass?"
"Which pistol dick just wazzed on the John seat?"
"Just give me my fucking pork rinds."
"You stooopid iron legged peckerwood piss lipped oreo."
"Which two bit shitty post office cunt jus' cut the cheese near my rye bread?"
"Go feast on my greazzzzy balls Carla."
"Cheezus i done got me a shaolin monk stain on my pantyhose!"
"Fuck you Richie Cunningham, you jus made a date with my balls!"
"Yo Fanny ass! Wipe my log"
"Go stick a dime in your eye"
"Do the monster monk, do the Harry Monk!"
"Well raise my rent!"
"Excuse me miss i gotta go park the bike!"
"So i was balling this piece of ass and she turns around an sez 'Normie baby when you gonna part the curtains?'"


  NRP - leisure vol. 3 by no regular play

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Ill shit from DJ Nature (Golf Channel/Jazzy Sport)

Todays Track


80 Blocks from Tiffany's

Flyin Cut Sleeves available here

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Todays Tracks

Two more killers from the wank bank

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The pride of our household in Manchester in 70's was the Cray X-MP sized wood encased radiogram, essentially a big fuck off side board of musical entertainment. Africa Islam famously used to hook his Ma's and Uncle Bernard’s radiogram's up to his Radioshack mixer for his early block parties, but even without a mixer you could rock a house party with the radiogram's stackable record spindle and still be able to serve warm Party Seven ale and pickled onions from its flat bar work top. It also had a radio with a massive bandwidth but could only pick up Jimmy Savilles "Open Brackets." Old Record Club "Close Brackets" or coded Russian fishing trawler transmissions. Everything changed in the 80's when Alan Sugar flooded the market with his cheap, smoked glass fronted music centres with its equally shit radiogram audio quality. This was the age of the 'Pause Button' and subsequent mad searches for breaks 'n' pieces in your old fellers Black Uhuru, Lonnie Donnigan, Goons albums. Somewhere out there buried under a motorway are rubbish Feelin’ James/Lesson 1 style tapes of Music Hall/Star Wars/Mike Harding cut ups. The radiogram was more than just audio equipment though, it was the control tower of impromptu after pub knees ups, whilst still being a piece of furniture and more importantly somewhere for your mum to display your school photographs and deformed owls you had made in pottery class.


Promo mix for new London night Transition, first night April 2nd feat. WBEEZA/LAKUTI/CHRIS BOX


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Booth of the Week

Wells Coates BBC booth gave Carl Cox the thickening.

'Look at them cunting Doctor Who knobs on the mixer'

Legal Highs 2

Trepanning: Try banning this you cunts, i've just ordered my kit from the internet and i'm going to blatantly open my noggin in boozers and clubs. This is the shit my friends and i can't wait to be on the front page of the Sun going on about the ethereal worlds my can opener has taken me to, along with other red top linguistic parables...

8 YEAR OLD KID OPENS OWN HEAD like a can of baked beans




Humongous for Spring

Loaf Pinching
Jazz piano wanks
The Lambeth Walk
2d Films
Scotch eggs and Picalilli
Tevo Howard and his dad
Fare Dodging
Postmans Lob
State Penn. (The rom com)
Bright yellow processed cheese
Gail Tilsley becoming Top Dog and chiving Vinegar Tits
Drawing willies on your books
Having a butchers through the peep hole.

That Dog Video...