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WTAPS 'Special Forces' Desert Boot

In recent years WTAPS has seen some shift in the design focus of their shoes, from the heavy duty military and outdoor boot models they first started with, to their well received and continued VANS collaboration. However they return to their roots with the WTAPS 2010 Winter/Spring Special Forces collection. Manufactured in the United States, they are made out of Chromexcel leather and Cast Iron and come in black and dark brown and are made specifically with close attention to performance ability.


Levon Vincent ssgs Mix Jan 2010

Fred P*  -
No Looking Back

Tevo Howard  -

Mole People, The  -

XDB  -
Rising Sun

Omar S*  -

Cultural Vibe  -
Ma Foom Bey

Track Show  -
Track 3

Mike Perras  -
A Little Bit Of This

Fred P*  -
Open (Mars Mix)

DJ Duke  -

Fatcat  -
You Figure It Out

DJ Qu  -
Be Who You Want (Main Mix)

Levon Vincent  -
Double Jointed Sex Freak Part 2

Mood II Swing  -
Move Me

Tevo Howard  -
Everyday House Music

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Victorian Crime Slang Part 1

Work House Stew: The end result after dropping ones guts whilst in the process of breaking a drum
Hatch Piper: A tea leaf who prefers the servants entrance 
Clapham Cunt: A beggar who works the carriages on Mary Blaines
Felch: The art of sucking a coin from a penny slot
Cobble Wobbler: A didikko who earns his keep through the laying of poor quality cobble drive ways
Caper: A sour tasting brined berry
Lobcock Cabbie: A carriage driver who works the midnight hours with the intention of 'buttering a bun'
Piracy: The copying of popular music hall scores onto inferior paper
Slopcocked: Where by a pinchcock recieves her monies but gives it toes before a tupping occurs
Horse Hoisting: The piloting of horses into shoppe windows then scarpering with the goods
Petticoat: Snide clobber the like sold at Petticoat Lane Market
Brixton Duffer: One who sells fox dirt under the guise of it being laudanum, also known as a Griffin Grifter
Houndsditch: A popular night time area for the stopping of carriages for a public display of joining of giblets  
Hounding: One who strokes his plug tail whilst watching others do the dabbing in cock alley
Merkim': The chiving of chavys who prefer the use of an uncourteous greetings

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A few more bits of ammo to fuck the neighbours off with especially those cunts next door who had half of South Africa round before Christmas, Whooping, Hollering and acting the goat in their Rugby shirts, Timberlands and Biltong hanging out. Yes Bru it does go fucking louder.

Mike Huckaby on Romania Radio December 2009

Maayan Nidam December 2009

Raresh & Zip Uptown Session  December 2009

Matthias Tanzmann Rave on Snow December 2009

Ben Klock @ Subclub December 2009

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New Legal Highs

From the early days of banging up nutmeg and snorting banana skin's things have come a long way for cheap thrills, now you only have to open the metro to find out about the latest shit on the streets.One day its Methodrone, the next day its Spice, here's a couple more doing the rounds at the moment

  • Puffin Beak, Grits, Serpico, Crab Chowder - Chemical name MsD - Originating from South Africa, can be taken orally or snorted. Effects range from really itchy eyesockets/anus right through to full blown hyper hallucinations involving characters from Walt Disney's Robin Hood. Rumoured to have the effect of draining the fluid from the base of your spine.
  • Haribo's, Benny's (Hills),  - Chemical name Bbc2 - You might not of heards of these little pills yet but you soon will. Adrian Chiles recently did a brace of these fellers in his working lunch before he presented an episode of the One show. Chilesy was interviewing Sting with his eye's rolling in his head until he finally snapped and launched himself at the Sting with his tongue lolloping out. After he'd been firmly rebuffed by the diet Geordie he then went up to the nearest camera and displayed the visibly straining euphoria inside his navy blue chino's. Get in Chilesy your dinners ready.
Here's few to swerve: Resin made from rabbit shit, Phensidyl, Black vurt feathers, BNP, Fishing bait, Amphibians, Coca-Cola and asprin, Michael Bay films, Powdered glass, Ale. Anything purchased outside KFC in Brixton.


    Here's Nisekay's set from Lo*Kee's New Years day doo


    'tried to bite his face off.'

    Whilst not quite up there with Travis the Chimpanzee or Bubbles biting 'a hole' through Quincy Jones's daughters hand its still got that certain something special...Go chimp guy

    That Pedro Track

    This is that track from that Pedro video i posted on faith a few years back

    Track 01

    Very Special Shoes

    Without a doubt the best thing adidas have done in years
    I'm getting two pairs

    Little PAM

    More Dave Little artwork tee's this time by Perks & Mini and with a LeoZero CD which is appropriate considering it was Leo's idea that somebody should do a Dave Little exhibition/tee many moons ago.

    Available from Goodhood


    Two years ago on the old blog i joked about the proliferation of world/folk techno tracks and how it was going to end with the sound of pissed up Morris Dancers clanging their sticks together over a syncopated rhythm, two years later the Guardian have gone and given it a pigeon hole...Ethno Techno...And in typical Guardian style they've given the article an exploitative slant. What utter tosh...Why no piece on houses appropriation of Disco/Jazz/Funk? Because that's been done before and Tony Naylor's reporting on a 'more than a passing fad' and he's going to give it a name, but he needs an angle...See you down the front at WOMAD Tony.

    This one goes out to...

    Abba-shanti, Jah Lenny the Lion, Killa Mad Turbo Ninja Face, Mary Mungo & Midge Hi-Fi, Lord & Mercy, Mighty Albert Tatlock Love Attack, Chinese Eye's International, Megastone, High & Mighty, Wang Injection, Lazerbeam Champagne Soundsystem, Killamanjarvo, Jah Stubbington, Mountain Cobra Venom Warriors, Royal Puffin Soundwave, Irritated Stepperz, 1 Deck, Supreme Scarramanga, Channel 6, Mighty Bed Pythons Riders, Tom Cruise Steppa's, Dung Beetle, King Tupperware Hi-Fi, Riddim Scorpion Sound International Rockers, Alan the Lion, Prince Gas Belly, Round the Matterhorn, Jah Jah Binks, Downbeat Lovers Earthquake Sound, Shaka Hislop Vibes, Platinum Rolex Ting, Raiders of the lost Lion, Saxon Raiders International Ltd, Royal Majestic Supreme Boss Sound, Chocolate Chip Muffin, Earthquake Dragon, Mellow Detonation, Skidmark Sound, Computer Battleships Emporers, The Gambino Family, High Blood Pressure, Dib-Dab-Dub Scoutmasters, Bath Bubblers, Dub 'n' Ting, Augustus Gloop, Lee Van Cleef Ninja Masta Sound, The Iron from Zion, Yellow Teet...

    Saturday, 16 January 2010

    Mix Download 01

    Mix 01- Planet of the Yeti

    3hrs long, in stereo, 100% waterproof



    Merry New Year people of earth i'm begining a new transmission from the SE1 control tower bringing you more behind the times reportage. All the usual bases will be covered along with a load more new stinking avenues of interest. Here's what gets my ding-a-ling aloft at the moment...City boys latest trend of wearing gladiator sandals on the trading floor, Chris Simmonds, Shire horse worriers, Everything on Yore, Chimp attacks, That bloke falling out of his window after his pet dog stuck its snout up the fellers bare arse, Quintessentials, Glove puppet reporters, Pedro's new album, Those proper bumbles, Being sick on your sleeve, Blowing off (again), Speed, Wbeeza, Adrian Chiles the original techno don, Tramp toilets, Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits (Angel), Norm Talley, Mud that tastes like sweetners, ...